Third Sector Partnership Council

Community Sector Representation on the Third Sector Partnership Council

We are working in Partnership with Building Communities Trust (BCT) to provide community Sector representation on the Third Sector Partnership Council.

What is the Third Sector Partnership Council?

The Third Sector Partnership Council is a forum for discussions between representatives of third sector networks and the Welsh Government. It provides an opportunity for the sector to raise issues of interest or concern and allows for meetings with all Cabinet Secretaries twice a year.

There are representatives of 25 different Third Sector networks on the Partnership Council.

Our role is to represent the community sector – organisations working in specific geographical areas to benefit people living in those areas. Some of those organisations may also be social enterprises or working with particular groups (e.g. young people), but anyone who is working to benefit a particular place is welcome to join our network

How will this work?

To be able to represent the community sector effectively, we need to build a network of other organisations. Through this network, we’ll look at the interests and concerns of the community sector and get your views on proposals coming from Government.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Chris Johnes or Emma Shepherd at BCT on 02921 202280

Who are Building Communities Trust?

BCT are probably the largest supporter of asset-based community development work in Wales, running the Invest Local programme in 13 mainly urban areas in Wales.