One of our main areas of work involves identifying the issues that are important to communities that can then provide a focus for activity.  Specific themes such as agriculture, history or the natural environment appeal to different groups and funding bodies.  Themes can cut across geographical boundaries and bring different communities together to exchange ideas and work together as a network.

We have helped create and maintain a variety of Pembrokeshire-based networks which can be made up of public, private and third sector organisations as well as interested individuals.

Our current networks include:

Community Buildings Network:

Arranging events to help those involved with the management of halls and community buildings. For example, running visits to see halls benefitting from solar energy and ground source heating. 

Community Forum Network:

Bringing together community forums, associations and community and town councils from across Pembrokeshire to discuss issues of common interest and concern, share their ideas and learn about successful community initiatives.

Community Heritage Network:

Arranging a number of events including heritage days bringing together those interested in the varied heritage of Pembrokeshire. For example, arranging a day to tie in with the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage with a focus on the walled towns of Pembroke and Tenby.

Pembrokeshire Community Venues:

A website created to promote the variety of community venues across the county. The site contains a directory, with contact details and further information about the halls and community venues across Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire Enterprise Network (PEN):

Bringing together of representatives of business support organisations working in the county, PEN aims to ensure that the support available is meeting the needs of the business community, and that members are kept updated on all members’ activities.

Pembrokeshire Sustainable Agricultural Network (PSAN):

Facilitating meetings of those representing the local farming community via a forum for farmers and landowners to discuss sustainable agriculture. Each meeting usually includes a guest speaker on a relevant topic.

PSAN Wildfire Group:

Working with landowners and communities to help reduce outbreaks of wildfires and through practical land management minimising the potential damage.

PLANED Pembs Plus:

PLANED is working with Pembs LGBTQ Plus. a group for all ages, identities and sexualities. Its aim is to help make Pembrokeshire a safeinclusive and positive place where everyone can feel respected and included.

Valuing the Environment:

Helping communities to develop the skills they need to design and implement projects that help and enhance the environment. We are arranging events aimed at recycling and reusing wherever possible, developing practical projects to improve quality of life. For example, arranging an event in 2018 to see whether Pembrokeshire is ready to go plastic free.

For more information or to get involved with any of our networks please contact us. Email:


External networks we are involved with:

Community Sector Representation on the Third Sector Partnership Council

We are working in Partnership with Building Communities Trust (BCT) to provide community Sector representation on the Third Sector Partnership Council.

Read more here.


Pembrokeshire Public Services Board

Pembrokeshire’s Public Services Board (PSB) is a statutory strategic partnership established under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.  The purpose of the Act is to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.

PLANED is proud to be a member of the Pembrokeshire Public Services Board as an organisation with over 30 years of delivering for communities in the county. The PSB Annual Rport 2018 -2019 is available here.

Read more about the PSB here.