Community Participation, Representation and Wellbeing

Community Participation, Representation and Wellbeing

PLANED supports communities of place and interest; helping them to be stronger, more economic and resilient; and encouraging best practice by seizing opportunities to do things for themselves.

PLANED supports the community voice to be heard by encouraging collective action and discussion at a community level.  Through development of action plans and community forums, PLANED support the resilience of rural communities by identifying opportunities for community based facilities, ensuring communities have access to the services afforded to more urban settlements through partnership and innovation, and development of rural services to meet the needs of the community.

We will encourage improved wellbeing and integration by helping communities to experience The Five Ways to Wellbeing

Community Engagement and Consultation

We use bespoke community focused tools and methodologies to engage with the community.

We use a variety of engagement methods ‘Visioning’, Surveys, Action Research, Asset based development, online forums and discussions, community conversations (eg. Carbon conversations), Youth engagement, theory of change, mapping, events and arts.

Action Planning and Area Development Plans

An Action Plan provides an overview of the whole community, identifies local need and local opportunities, represents a forward look at the changes a community wants to see, and identifies the organisations needed to help implement the Plan. These Action Plans can lead to the strengthening of existing groups and creation of new ones, the enhancement and creation of local amenities and new opportunities to link into strategies and Hub Area Development Plans.

You can see examples of previous Action Plans here.

Supporting Community Forums and Associations

In order to take the Action Plan forward, PLANED supports the community to form a Community Forum (where one is not already in existence) that is open to all members of the community.  PLANED will prepare publicity, arrange meetings and events, share good practice and support the Community Forum by improving communication and signposting to partner organisations and projects. Community Forum members are encouraged and supported to establish relevant working groups to take forward specific project proposals identified in the Action Plan.

Supporting Projects and Initiatives

Projects are identified in Community Action Plans and Hub Area Development Plans. PLANED’s approach at ‘turning ideas into action’ encourages working groups to look at strengths and opportunities that exist locally, for specific projects what can be done locally and who can help, and then identify the next steps, for example liaising with service providers etc.

Through a number of initiatives PLANED may be able to offer financial support for projects identified in Community Action Plans and Hub Area Development Plans which contribute to local regeneration and economic growth.

For information about the project funding please get in touch