Echoes of the Past

A local welcome to local heritage

‘Echoes of the past’ provides a local welcome to local heritage. Pembrokeshire’s local history groups offer well-researched insights into centuries of heritage which have shaped its landscape and people.

The communities featured on the echoes website are developing an ecomuseum approach, helping visitors to explore ‘heritage’ in its widest sense, revealing layers of landscape, legend and language and most importantly, extending a truly local welcome.

PLANED and its ‘Echoes of the Past’ partners, supported by Visit Wales, are encouraging visitors to plan ahead by consulting history group websites, maybe contacting a local ambassador to seek out dramatic views; history for kids; quiet places or the latest festival news. Path network information is also available and local buses like the Poppit Rocket or Coastal Cruiser navigate the miles and help to protect the environment.

Come and explore Pembrokeshire’s ‘Echoes of the Past’…

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