Community Shares Support Service for Pembrokeshire

Community Shares Support Service for Pembrokeshire

Working co-operatively with communities

Community shares can save local shops and services, they can help finance renewable energy projects, they can support the local sports club, the list goes on. But they all add up to being able to help build stronger, more resilient and independent communities. Since 2009 over 120,000 people have invested more than £100m to support over 400 community businesses throughout the UK.


Cris is the Community Shares Officer, he is working across the whole of Pembrokeshire to support and guide anyone who has enterprising ideas for their community assets or who want to find out more about how community shares might work in their area.


Community shares are an ideal way for communities to invest in enterprises serving a community purpose.

Investing in community shares is a practical way of supporting a business that serves your community. The share capital will help finance the business. In return you might receive limited interest on your investment. And if you want your money back, you have the right to withdraw some or all of your share capital, subject to terms and conditions.


The Pembrokeshire Community Cooperative Share Offers Scheme will support communities with share offers to purchase land and buildings to keep local services alive and to develop new ones. Community shares can only be issued by societies. Societies are subject to the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

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