Celebrate A Sparkling PLANED Pembrokeshire

Celebrate A Sparkling PLANED Pembrokeshire

Welcome to ‘Sparkle Pembrokeshire’, Narbeth-based PLANED’s fun and fancy new initiative encouraging people countywide to light up the current doom and gloom with a good old-fashioned slice of Christmas cheer.

From Amroth to Abereiddy, from Stackpole to St David’s, from Milford Haven to Marloes Sands, we all know of that certain someone in our local community who goes the extra mile, indeed just that little bit crazy perhaps, decorating the outside of their house as the festive season approaches.

You know the sort of thing we mean: a musical Muppet scene in the front garden maybe, or an inflatable Santa the size of a hot air balloon. Perhaps a giant electric reindeer clambering across the rooftop or even a group of robotic garden gnomes that speak five languages and serve mince pies with hot tea to unsuspecting passers-by. Of course, there’s always enough lighting to make the whole spectacle visible from outer space and lift everyone’s spirits, including the house owners themselves…well, at least until their electricity bill arrives.

This year, ‘Sparkle Pembrokeshire’ is taking the contest to a whole new level. Never mind the most sparkling house in the town. Ours is an inter community competition to find the most ‘Sparkling Town in the County’.

PLANED Chief Sparkle Sprinkler explained, “Think of the Town in Bloom competition, only at Christmas, with Christmas lights and displays and no judges or prizes, just the pride of being the most ‘Sparkling Town in Pembrokeshire. We really want to help share the enjoyment communities generate at this time of year, even in these challenging times. This competition is a great opportunity to show off your town and share your festive spirit with the rest of the county.”

‘Sparkle Pembrokeshire’ is encouraging everyone to post photographs of their homes, businesses, community centres or decorated towns. Everyone will have a chance to vote on their favourite town display before one is crowned ‘Most Sparkling’.

PLANED CEO, Iwan Thomas, added that he was “Delighted PLANED could support this initiative as part of our commitment to the communities of Pembrokeshire.”

You can find out more about ‘Sparkle Pembrokeshire’ by following their Facebook page @SparklePembs