Nutrient soil sampling

Nutrient soil sampling

Working in partnership with CCF (Clunderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers Ltd) and Agrovista, targeted nutrient soil sampling has commenced on participating farms across the three BRICs sub-catchments.

Where it has been identified as beneficial to trial the application of nutrients more accurately, Agrovista will undertake soil conductivity testing and grid sampling of soil from agreed fields. They will measure pH, P, K and Mg as well as soil conductivity (soil type). The farmer will then be provided with the results of the soil analysis and a bespoke variable rate fertiliser spreading plan, taking into account crop and manure/slurry applications. Agrovista will provide the bespoke variable rate spreading plan to the farmer for the next four years.

Where required to assist with the application of nutrients in accordance with the variable rate fertiliser spreading plans, the project will assist by working with another of its project partners, PMR (Pembrokeshire Machinery Ring), to allow the trail use of precision application equipment to complete the job.

We are still hoping new farmers will come forward to work with us to improve water, nutrient and habitat management. To encourage new project participants Clunderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers (CCF) undertook a mailshot to their members in all three BRICs sub-catchments. More details in our BRICs flyer.

This project has received funding through the Sustainable Management Scheme – Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.