South Pembrokeshire Action for Rural Communities

South Pembrokeshire Action for Rural Communities (SPARC) implemented a number of projects under various funding programmes 1994-2002.

Integrated Development Operational Programme for West Wales

Leader 1

Atlantis Green Tourism

Objective 5b

  • Quality of Rural life
  • Supporting Communities in South Pembrokeshire (Phase 1 & 2)
  • Niche Tourism Development & Promotion in South Pembrokeshire
  • Green Tourism Infrastructure Improvements in South Pembrokeshire
  • Greening Farm Based Tourism in South Pembrokeshire
  • Wales Countryside Holidays
  • Landsker Countryside Holidays
  • Whole Farm Review & Development Scheme
  • Farm Business & Environmental Management Scheme

Leader ll

  • Makers of Wales – Heritage Tourism Interpretation
  • Heritage Restoration
  • Restoration Training
  • Quality in Business – Advice & Grants
  • Local Products & Food Initiative
  • Heritage Courses
  • Landsker Borderlands Trail
  • Quest Training & Grants (Business, Agriculture & Tourism)
  • Transnational Co-operation

‘Significant features of SPARC’s approach that are crucial to the long-term success and sustainability are identified.  These include encouraging maximum community involvement at all stages of development; the use of expert ‘partners’ to provide needed technical and financial resources to rural communities; complimentary strategies addressing tourism, agriculture and the environment; and a clear strategic planning and implementation framework’ 

Tourism Focus, United Nations Environment Programme.