Directory of Care and Support Enterprises in Pembrokeshire

This directory contains a list of small, independent care and support services in Pembrokeshire.

It has been put together by the Catalysts for Care project, a partnership between PAVS, PLANED, Pembrokeshire County Council and Community Catalysts CIC to support the development of care and support enterprises in Pembrokeshire.

The purpose of this directory is to provide more choice for people to find a personal, local care or support service that works for them.


What sort of services are listed here?

The services are split into two categories:

  • Home Care, Home Help and Community Support Services

  • Wellbeing and Community Services

All services are run by local people on a small scale. Being small means that they can provide the time and consistency to build a real understanding and relationship with the people they support.


How do I know that these services are safe, legal, well-run and high-quality?

All enterprises on this directory have signed up to a code of practice demonstrating that their service is safe, legal, well-run and high-quality. The code of practice was co-designed by various health and social care professionals in Pembrokeshire in March 2020. To achieve the code of practice, enterprises can access free support from the Catalysts for Care Development Programmes.

Click to see the Code of practice for home care, home help and support services and the Code of practice for wellbeing and community services.

Regarding COVID-19, enterprises are expected to follow the relevant guidelines provided by Public Health Wales. You can see the latest advice by clicking here. You should speak to enterprises directly to ensure that enterprises are compliant with COVID-19 guidelines and that you feel safe and comfortable with the service provided.

It is important to note that whilst enterprises commit to a code of practice, neither the Catalyst for Care project or its partners formally accredit or approve the services on this list. The Catalyst for Care programme and its partners cannot guarantee the quality or satisfaction of any services provided by any enterprise on this directory or accept any liability for any services provided by any enterprise listed on this directory. We welcome customer feedback and reserve the right to remove enterprises that do not meet the relevant code of practice. Any feedback can be sent to


How do I use the directory?

If you’re interested in a service, please get in touch with the enterprise directly to have a chat about whether they can meet your needs, the cost of the service and their availability.

You purchase services directly from the enterprise. Some people may be able to pay for this from their existing income. If you don’t have the money available, you may want to check that you are getting your full entitlements and benefits, such as attendance allowance or disability living allowance. You can find out more about this by contacting Age Cymru Dyfed  or Citizen’s Advice Pembrokeshire.

 If you are eligible to receive care and support funded by Pembrokeshire County Council, you can talk to your social worker about whether a Direct Payment would be a suitable way to purchase your assessed care and support from an enterprise.   

As you are purchasing services directly from the enterprise you should make sure that they are right for you. You can use the relevant code of practice (see links above) as a guide to what to look for in a service. As a starter we would expect all enterprises to have relevant insurance and policy guidelines covering areas such as safeguarding, confidentiality and complaints. Enterprises providing ‘Home Care, Home Help and Community Support Services’ should also have enhanced DBS checks; a process to assess your needs and plan how you’d like to be supported; and a contract of service agreeing your arrangement of support.

How do I join the directory?

If you’re passionate about helping others and interested in setting up your own care or support enterprise in Pembrokeshire, please get in touch with or for more info, go to Catalysts for Care