Communities as the Hub of Rural Life Project 2008-2011

Under the Communities as the Hub of Rural Life Axis 4 Rural Development Plan Project (2008 – 2011) PLANED worked with communities across Pembrokeshire to develop 12 Hub Area Plans.  This Hub project encouraged neighbouring communities to work together on an area basis and looked at the role that key rural communities could play in relation to their residents and the surrounding area.

Communities worked collaboratively to look at common problems and opportunities.  The process of engagement and participation is ongoing and continues in order to develop ground for innovation.   The Hub approach allowed ideas and experiences to be shared between communities, both in a geographic area, and more widely between Hub Groups as part of thematic initiatives (e.g. Community Energy Network).

More about CHUB

The CHUB project had three elements:

  • The comprehensive analysis of each Hub, including linking to statutory and other local plans to identify the current role of the Hub and its potential for providing a wider role in meeting local needs and opportunities.
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to the Hubs developing an enhanced long term sustainable role in supporting the quality of life for their surrounding areas.
  • A range of community based projects will be practically supported resulting from the analysis to overcome obstacles and develop opportunities.

Partners in CHUB

This was a partnership project between PLANED, Pembrokeshire County Council, PAVS, One Voice Wales, Pembrokeshire Association of Local Councils, Town and Community Councils, Community Forums, community groups and local business groups, linking local community planning to statutory community planning.