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Deep Tourism

Encouraging the tourism sector to be green and sustainable has been a priority for PLANED for many years.

In working with communities PLANED has used the Sustainable Toolkit to increase understanding about how area development and improvements impact on our environment and the way a community can sustain itself.

PLANED was one of the first to develop a Sustainable Tourism Manual and its advice and guidance remains relevant today.

TWIGS Waterford MuseumPLANED developed the TWIGS (Tourism Wales Ireland Green and Sustainable) project under the INTERREG 111A EU funded Programme.  This cross border project aimed to strengthen co-operation for the mutual advantage of tourism businesses.  This focussed on “Greening Your Business”, quality management and a joint marketing project which evolved into the Experience Pembrokeshire website.  An exchange visit took place to Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Carlow and Tipperary.





With extensive contacts with accommodation providers PLANED has developed various programmes to support sustainable tourism including:

  • Welcome Host – How to improve the visitor experience for tourist
  • Greening Your Business – Making your business more eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable
  • Developing Your B & B – A seminar on how to turn the dream of running a Bed and Breakfast into reality
  • Sense of Place Tours – Organised tours for accommodation providers to increase their knowledge of the heritage and environment of the County so that they can help their visitors to enjoy their stay.