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Heritage & Tourism

PLANED’s work with heritage and tourism is focussed on increasing the enjoyment and appreciation of Pembrokeshire for both locals and visitors.

At PLANED our aim is to enhance the heritage and environment of the area by the adoption of good environmental practices and by safeguarding and interpreting the rich heritage and wildlife of the county.

Working with community groups PLANED has helped local heritage groups to research their local area and produce heritage leaflets, which are available on the Experience Pembrokeshire website.

Researching local heritage increases a community’s knowledge of what is in their area and reveals what makes a place special, distinctive and gives it it’s “Sense of Place”. PLANED encourages this journey of discovery about local distinctiveness through “Sense of Place” work, which includes themes on military history and Pembrokeshire’s industrial past.

Enhancing, preserving and interpreting sites of heritage and environmental interest improves what is on offer for tourists and makes their experience of Pembrokeshire more enjoyable. The Experience Pembrokeshire website has more information on the heritage and wildlife of the county, as researched by local communities.

PLANED encourages and supports community celebrations through a festival and events network, and an annual Festival and Events Guide.