Valuing the Environment & Biodiversity

Freshwater East consultation eveningAs part of PLANED’s work we assist local people to understand sustainable development and engage in projects which safeguard and enhance local biodiversity and the natural and built heritage. This not only helps the  environment and contributes to local quality of life, it also strengthens the economy through extending sustainable tourism and recreation opportunities.

‘Valuing the Environment’ assists communities to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to design and implement practical projects that have a lasting and positive impact on Pembrokeshire’s environment, its habitats and species.  The aim is to help encourage a sustainable approach to environmental action through community involvement in projects which have been identified by the community.

Projects identified during the Action Planning process include surveying local wildlife, setting up a coast care group, surveying and maintaining local footpaths, raising awareness of recycling and reuse opportunities, energy reducing and renewable energy projects, and enhancing community spaces to increase biodiversity and support wildlife. Together with our specialist partners we help communities to gain the knowledge and skills they need to turn a good idea into reality and support them through the process.

According to what communities identify as a need in their Action Plans, we are able to support a range of training/workshop events which improve people’s knowledge and skills about the environment. These can include topics such willow weaving, wildlife gardening, energy auditing, funding for community environmental groups, land management as well as ‘Wildlife on your Patch’.

‘Wildlife on your Patch’ offers opportunities to find out about the wildlife living on a site near you.  The project is designed to encourage anyone with an interest in wildlife to develop and improve their knowledge and skills. Local wildlife specialists are able to help you discover the common, interesting or rare plants and animals living on your patch.  You’ll also be able to discover what nature conservation work is taking place to help safeguard what you see.    A simple report will be written which could be used to enthuse other members of the local community about their special places.

The project is a partnership between PLANED, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Pembrokeshire Local Biodiversity Partnership. An important aspect of this project is to stress the importance of small wildlife patches in maintaining and establishing the connectivity of habitats across the landscape which in turn helps to maintain the richness and diversity of our wildlife at both the local and national level.

Previous Wildlife on Your Patch sites include: Dale – Rocky Shore, East Williamston – Jubilee Nature Trail, Wolfscastle – Nant y Coy, Freshwater East – beach and dunes, Ambleston – Wallis Moor and pond, Milford Haven – Mount woodland, Sardis – Parks and Gardens, Broadhaven – Slash Ponds, Hayscastle – Tre Rhos common.

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