Community Energy Network

Many Communities have expressed a desire to develop community energy projects through their Action Plans and through a series of ‘Plugging the Leaks’ workshops. The latter identified major ‘leaks’ of money out of the economy including fuel bills.  It was suggested that these ‘leaks’ could be ‘plugged’ by encouraging energy saving at home, in businesses and within community buildings.  Local energy could also be generated using renewable technology which is non-polluting and does not use finite resources such as coal, oil and gas. Renewable energy can provide a significant, secure income for your local community to support community initiatives, and has become a viable option throughout the UK

The aim of The Community Energy Network is to provide community groups with the opportunity to learn from others who have developed energy projects, share ideas and expertise with other community groups and also to develop projects within your community.  Future events will provide communities with up-to-date energy information and enable communities to meet and swap information and skills.