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Business Networks

PLANED works with the business community in Pembrokeshire and having helped with the establishment of Pembrokeshire Business Network (PBN) continues to provide ongoing organisational support. PBN meets 10 times a year to help businesses make contact with potential customers, suppliers and other Pembrokeshire businesses through networking events, information seminars and workshops held around the county.  Events have covered a number of topics including time management, health and safety, internet marketing, E-crime and trading on line.  PBN also provides a county voice by lobbying on issues affecting county businesses. Membership is open to all businesses from any sector.  For more information visit the PBN website at www.pembrokeshire-business.net

Business DirectoriesPLANED also supports the work of local business groups in the county.  A number of groups have been established as a result of PLANEDs community engagement work. The groups have been involved in a number of different activities including guest speakers, sessions signing businesses up to leading UK internet directories, organisation of festivals and production of information leaflets about the area.

PLANED carries out the support for business networks as part of the Enterprise Hub project funded under the Rural Development Plan, which is EU and Welsh Assembly Government funded.

PLANED also manages the Pembrokeshire Enterprise Network which consists of representatives of all business support organisations working in the county specifically to ensure that the support available is meeting the needs of the business community and members are kept updated on all members activities.

Members include:

Pembrokeshire Business Initiative – www.pbi.org.uk
Flexible Support for Business fs4b@pembrokeshire.gov.uk
Pembrokeshire Tourism – www.pembrokeshiretourismawards.net
Pembrokeshire Business Network  www.pembrokeshire-business.net
The Shaw Trust – www.shaw-trust.org.uk/home
Landsker Business Consultancy – www.landsker.co.uk/Index.php
PembrokeshireCollege – www.pembrokeshire.ac.uk
Wales Cooperative Centre – www.walescoop.com
Prime Cymru – www.prime-cymru.co.uk
Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) – info@pembrokeshirewire.co.uk
Sian Bushell Associates – info@sianbushellassociates.co.uk
Chwarae Teg – bev.pold@chwaraeteg.com
Business in the Community – catherine.palmer@bitc.org.uk
Disability Wales – terrymills1@aol.com

Support for individual businesses is not available under the Enterprise Hub Project of the Rural Development Plan. Organisations that can offer individual advice and support include PBI, FS4B and Landsker Business Consultancy.

For more information on Pembrokeshire Business Network – visit www.pembrokeshire-business.net or contact kathrynb@planed.org.uk