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What We Do

PLANED supports and encourages the involvement of all local people and organisations in Pembrokeshire to work together to improve the quality of life in their community.Visioning Llanddewi Velfrey

The PLANED process encourages communities to work together to:-

  • Identify and assess local needs and opportunities to improve their quality of life and well being.
  • Develop and establish social, cultural and economic projects to address these needs and opportunities.
  • Enhance the environment of the area, adopt good environmental practices, safeguard and interpret its rich heritage and wildlife.
“An enterprising community can help to build a better future. Developing local resources can strengthen the local economy. The greatest resource of any area is its people, their skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment.”

PLANED helps communities to help themselves and become more sustainable by:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Supporting them to do projects
  • Accessing funds to fulfil aspirations
  • Helping them to address local issues e.g. improving village halls
  • Lifting aspirations and giving confidence to get things done.

PLANED has a strong track record of inclusive, participative and successful community development which includes:LlangloffanFen

  • Social, cultural and heritage development
  • Environmental enhancement and energy projects
  • Community-based sustainable tourism
  • Agricultural support
  • Enterprise development
  • Meeting the training needs of communities.

Heartlands Area Plan Cover Page smallAn important part of the process is the development of Community Forums and Community Action Plans. All communities are encouraged to establish Community Forums, open to all local organisations and individuals.

  • Increasing Participation & Engagement

PLANED has developed and tested a number of ‘tools’ to encourage participation and is producing, with support from the Big Lottery, a manual called ‘The Community Route Map’, which aims to achieve locally based sustainable development.

PLANED Newsletter an update on some of the projects that PLANED has been working on with communities