PLANED has extensive experience of introducing  and developing pioneering methodologies, tools, techniques and processes for the engagement of rural communities in local development, including Community Appraisals, Visioning, Future Search, Plugging the Leaks.  As the EU LEADER Programme evolved into the LEADER+ Scheme, PLANED continued to receive funding and supported a wide ranging strand of projects.  A report evaluating the LEADER programme in Pembrokeshire is available here:

Under the Rural Community Action (RCA) scheme in Pembrokeshire there was support for capacity building in communities by encouraging local people to come together to identify local skills, needs and opportunities.

With more than 100 communities in Pembrokeshire, PLANED has to date been invited by 50 of these to assist them to establish Community Associations/Forums to review or develop new Local Community Action Plans through a Community Visioning process. PLANED has added a new “Sustainability Tool” to its Community Visioning engagement process in order to increase local people’s understanding of sustainable living and identify opportunities, which, when developed, will contribute to the long term future of the community. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) was commissioned to assist with the design of the sustainability tool to meet the following objectives:

  • Help communities to understand sustainable development
  • Inform the planning and development of sustainable community projects.
  • Assist key funding partners in their assessment of community projects when allocating funding.
  • Be used through incorporation into “Future Search” or “Plugging the Leaks” processes or as a stand alone activity.

The Sustainability Toolkit is taken to communities as part of the “Towards One Planet Living” project.

Supporting Community Action begins with encouraging communities to participate in Community Visioning workshops to:

  • Agree a shared vision for the future
  • Produce an holistic Action Plan
  • Implement Action Plan proposals

Community Forums ensure that the widest range of local people with skills, knowledge and enthusiasm network with each other and advisory and funding partners to implement the findings of the Community Action Plans.

PLANED has extensive experience working with partners from other EU countries.  This has included  Gruntwig and TWIGS.

Transnational Projects
Best Practice Guides

  • Involving Business & Communities in the Development of Enterprise in Rural Communities
  • Community Involvement in Celebrating Community & Heritage (inc. Festivals & Events)