A key part of PLANED’s ethos is to share recognised good practice. To do this, PLANED can support you to undertake community-led local development.  We provide the tools for you to have a whole-community approach to solving local challenges and visioning for the future. Please contact PLANED for a bespoke quote based on the activity you require and the size of the community.

We are also keen to transfer knowledge and techniques to you. If you’d like this to happen, there would be a time commitment from staff within your organisation. PLANED staff can lead the process with the first community and local team, and to mentor through further communities until your local team are comfortable to undertake the process on their own.

If you are developing ‘animation’ within the EU’s LEADER programme, please speak to us.  Having worked on EU programmes and most specifically LEADER for over 20 years, we are a well-established group who can assist you with methods that put innovation, bottom-up community engagement, integration and action planning at the heart of your programme.

If you are involved with the Communities First programme or are a local community or town council seeking guidance on increasing participation and setting a future vision, we are happy to help!  Any challenges you are facing on community-led local development please give us a call on +44 (0)1834 860 965 or email information@planed.org.uk

Research, consultancy and training

….Other services from PLANED include:

  • Project management and delivery
  • Conference organisation
  • Facilitation and workshop support
  • Place-based planning, community consultations and action planning
  • ‘Community Benefits’ planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Funding application support
  • Administration and office support

Learning and training opportunities

  • Community engagement principles and practice
  • ‘Festival and Event’ training
  • Community heritage training
  • Community capacity building and participation
  • Local economy workshops
  • Established best practice tool-kits:
    • Plugging the Leaks,
    • Visioning,
    • Sustainable Development,
    • Festival and Event manual/tool-kit, and
    • Route map for Sustainable Communities