PLANED (Pembrokeshire Local Action Network for Enterprise & Development) is a process as well as the name of our organisation.  The ethos of PLANED can be summarised as:

“An enterprising community can help to build a better future. Developing local resources can strengthen the local economy.  The greatest resource of any area is its people, their skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment.”

The PLANED process is about working with communities, enabling, facilitating and supporting them in locally integrated and sustainable development.

PLANED’s aim is to engage local people in improving their quality of life – culturally, socially, environmentally and economically.  We do this by delivering locally tailored initiatives, which build on existing community strengths and by empowering local people.

PLANED can play a vital role in empowering and enabling local communities to be full and equal partners in the development of their area, utilising appropriate EU and Welsh Assembly Government and other funding.

The PLANED WAY is about partnership working; collaborating with public sector bodies, the voluntary sector and special interest groups for the benefit of local communities within Pembrokeshire.

As an organisation PLANED has twenty years experience of working with, and for the benefit of, communities