Research & innovation

Desk Research

Support to obtain evidence on products/services/projects etc. from available sources. The service includes:

  • Best practice review
  • Rapid evidence assessments – using a combination of key informant interviews and targeted literature searches to produce a report in a few days or a few weeks
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Analysis of statistics published by the ONS

Surveys (Paper & Online)

Support to obtain evidence on products/services/projects etc. from a broad cross-section of your community. The service includes:

  • Survey design
  • Survey management – undertaken postal, online, or using face to face /telephone methodologies where appropriate
  • Data analysis
  • Report on the findings; measuring attitudes, behaviours and perceptions

Individual Interviews

Support to obtain evidence via one-to-one interviews. The service includes:

  • Interview design
  • Arrangement of interviews – either in person or via teleconferencing or video link
  • Recording of responses
  • Report on responses

Peer Research

Support to undertake research interviews with your peers, including:

  • Interview design
  • Sourcing of appropriate venue where necessary
  • Collation and analysis of responses
  • Report on findings

Stakeholder Consultation

Support to undertake Stakeholder Consultation in a public forum.  [See Facilitation & Training].

Support to create a group setting to develop ideas and uncover thoughts and feelings not necessarily represented in large-scale surveys, including:

  • Design of guest list and invitations in partnership with client
  • Design of session, including development of tailored feedback forms
  • Facilitation of session
  • Analysis of feedback

Consultation Feedback Analysis

Support to analyse feedback from a consultation process. This service includes:

  • Collation and organisation of responses
  • Analysis of each response format
  • Report on findings