Heritage, culture and tourism

Sustainable development is promoted through PLANED’s work with heritage and tourism. Our focus is on increasing the enjoyment of Pembrokeshire for both local people and visitors. The aim is to enhance the heritage and environment of the county by adopting good environmental practices, and by safeguarding and interpreting the rich heritage and wildlife of the county. PLANED has helped more than 50 communities to research and celebrate their heritage.

PLANED has been able to offer training on how to research local history, and technical and financial support for production by communities of heritage leaflets and information panels. The leaflets are available on the Experience Pembrokeshire website, which is a valuable resource for sustainable tourism. PLANED has also supported communities with the research and development of a Military History Guide to Pembrokeshire, ‘From Civil War to Cold War’. A group of enthusiasts worked on the ‘Industrial Past of Pembrokeshire’, researching the history of the different industries of Pembrokeshire, such as brickworks, mills, electricity generation, coal, ironworks and mining.

PLANED organises expert talks and tours for heritage groups, in order to increase the knowledge of local people and to stimulate their research. The results of this research can also be used to improve the experience of visitors. PLANED’s popular ‘Sense of Place’ tours are aimed at increasing knowledge and celebrating local distinctiveness, within the tourism sector.