European Rural Parliament

PLANED is the ERP national partner representing Wales which takes responsibility for the flow of information and ideas among the rural people in the country. This work is vital for rural communities in Wales.

We consulted with people through our networks and participate in reports which will be presented to the ERP. In 2017 we were part of the team looking at rural services and infrastructure and community-led local development. A number of representatives from Wales attending the ERP October 2017.

The purpose of the European Rural Parliament is to express the voice of rural people in Europe; and to promote self-help and action by the rural people, in partnership with civil society and governments.

The ERP is not a legal structure. Rather, it is an ongoing initiative based on collaboration within a wide set of European and national partner organisations. At present, the programme is overseen at European level by a Steering Group comprising three representatives from each of the main co-initiating European organisations – ERCA, PREPARE and ELARD. Partner organisations in the initiative include two other European bodies, ECOVAST and Forum Synergies; and currently 35 national organisations which vary in title and character but which can all claim to represent a significant part of the rural populations in their country.

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