About us

We work with communities, delivering for Pembrokeshire,

Wales and Europe.

Our Mission

PLANED is committed to supporting communities to improve their quality of life by focusing on their opportunities, harnessing potential and helping them to achieve their aspirations.

Our core values

PLANED’s approach is based on the development of a collective vision at community level.

PLANED works with communities to identify their priorities without imposing judgement on what those priorities should be.

PLANED supports communities to do things for themselves.

PLANED promotes dialogue between all stakeholders and seeks to broker working relationships and overcome barriers.

PLANED promotes innovation and seeks to provide a mechanism for sharing new ideas.

PLANED’s outcomes and those for communities are informed and well-founded.

We have four strategic areas of focus

  • Community Participation, Representation and Wellbeing
  • Skills and Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Nature, Heritage, Culture and Tourism

Now in our 30th year, PLANED‘s team has a wealth of experience working with, and for the benefit of, communities that we can use to help you.

You can read more about our journey here.

PLANED Privacy Policy

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