European Rural Parliament


Voice for Rural People, Policy Forum and Platform

Networking, Partnership and Friendship

The European Rural Parliament was created to provide a voice for rural people and the communities supporting them in relation to European policies and decision-making. The roots are in national civil society organisations supporting cooperation between different actors to achieve better quality of life for people in rural areas. The first Gathering was held in Brussels, Belgium 2013, followed by the 2nd ERP in Schärding, Austria 2015 and the 3rd ERP in Venhorst, the Netherlands 2017. The decision on where the 4th ERP will be held in 2019 is still to be decided. Everything done within ERP has to support development for rural people. Your voice is ERP´s tool for better advocacy. We welcome you to join our growing and developing network.



ERP collects information, practices, cases, ideas, policy suggestions from rural people from all over Europe to initiate different policy papers intended for advocacy work towards the European institutions. It can be discussions papers, policy papers, suggestions, declarations, Manifesto or even a citizens´ initiative, i.e. citizen officially suggesting for regulations/legislation at European level. This is of great importance as big number of regulations affect our daily life.


Partnership and Friendship:

ERP is to enabling partnerships and friendships where you meet with – learn from – and cooperate with others. You can exchange information (and personnel) to develop your organisation and amongst our partners you can find other bottom-up civil society partners working for and with rural people. The ERP partnership provides possibilities for networking, learning and project partnerships.


Network and theme work:

The ERP is an informal network with partners in 40 countries and 5 Pan-European organisations working directly with people´s issues at local level. To keep a network this size alive and living, it needs constant efforts of communication and animation.

Connections with research should be strengthened to get evidence-base to the ERP-advocacy activities. Connections with decision-making and EU-institutions are important to build to get our message and suggestions heard.

The ERP thematic platforms give an opportunity for networking, cooperating, learning and enabling partnerships around chosen themes. The platforms are coordinated and open for participation, respecting of course the guiding principle: giving a thematic voice for rural citizens for a good or better quality of life. If you are willing to join existing themes or even initiate another theme, contact the coordinators or the Steering Group.



A biennial gathering, the European Rural Parliament Gathering, concludes a 2-year cycle of work for advocacy and activities like projects, thematic work and animation. The results of the activities are presented and discussed resulting in an update of the ERP guiding documents: the Manifesto and the Action programme for the upcoming two years with a vision for the future. An output of the Gathering can also be a Declaration of the Assembly.