PLANED works with the business community in Pembrokeshire and having helped with the establishment of Pembrokeshire Business Network (PBN) continues to provide ongoing organisational support.

PLANED has established the Pembrokeshire Sustainable Agriculture Network as a forum  for farmers and landowners to discuss ideas and develop opportunities relating to sustainable agriculture e.g. renewables, climate change, recycling, protecting soil structure and biodiversity.

PLANED supports communities to enhance and add value to the heritage and environment of their area.  The aim is to make the most of natural and historical resources, safeguarding and valuing the environment and heritage of Pembrokeshire.

Part of PLANED’s work is to assist local people to understand sustainable development and engage in projects which safeguard and enhance local biodiversity and the natural and built heritage.

Helping communities to become more sustainable is at the heart of PLANED’s work and facilitating community participation with an integrated approach to local development is our key objective.